Tuesday, January 8, 2013

happy haiku

nature gets me high,
and so does realizing that
everything's okay

Friday, August 24, 2012

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

I can't remember how to do this
A muscle unused for so long
But I'll try for you

Do you remember all the same things I do?
We could experience our whole lives together
But that would not make for the same memories,
What's the deciding factor?

You can move on
And forget those memories
And vaguely wonder whose hand you're holding
On that postcard inside your desk drawer

We can walk by each other down the path
At first awkward smiles
Then averted eyes
And finally like strangers

Those songs will take on new meanings
The bedsheets new smells
The lips new names

I guess I'll carry the weight,
But I can no longer wait
For you
Or us

Who knew that scribbled notes
Could mean so much
And consolation
So little

Sorry, this is pretty bad
I'm also tired of feeling sorry
For me
Or us

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


i cannot express myself coherently for i do not think in words. i think in emotions, and in a world where emotions are a dying resource, i have trouble getting my point across. it gets stuck somewhere between my brain and tongue, and i swallow it, so that it ends up in my lungs and causes me to choke. if we spoke the language of emotions, i would have so much to say. i would be screaming green and gold, frustration and love, and paintings of the night sky would be pouring out of my mouth. undulating stars would be freed from my body every time i exhaled, trailing behind me as i walk. but unfortunately that is not how communication works and i can no longer continue this, for i haven't the words to sum it all up.

Monday, March 7, 2011


i sat,

stunned, silent, and staring,

worlds around me dissolved in a mist,

atoms forming what I knew so well

now left me confused and unknowing.

carefully I ventured through the fog,

what shapes are in the distance?

distorted and unclear

my mind composes an unlikely truth

to keep me pressing on;

did your eyes catch my mist?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

hopeless optimism

white knuckles,
the only hint
of a lesson learned.

all is delicate,

never seize (keating lied).

on the reigns of the wind
all erodes,
time strips all
until you stand bare
in a barren land.

have you learned of the beauty in decay?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


it's been so long since
hitting the streets with poets
my tongue is dry
stumbling on hollered words

looking for answers in tea leaves
at the bottoms of many a drained cup
i never learned this art
but then have i learned any?

i look to the troubadours and find
paths wiped clean by age and dust
(daring us to forge our own
or warning of futility?)

thoughts flit through the wind as ever
don't let me fall too behind

Saturday, August 21, 2010


it's all in your head

he said

beauty and worries and even

the view outside your window

nobody can tell you what is

he said

because what is

is only what you see and feel

cover your eyes

(he did)

see how

it doesn't disappear?

it's all in your head

he said

and if you want to forget

let's lose our minds