Friday, August 24, 2012

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

I can't remember how to do this
A muscle unused for so long
But I'll try for you

Do you remember all the same things I do?
We could experience our whole lives together
But that would not make for the same memories,
What's the deciding factor?

You can move on
And forget those memories
And vaguely wonder whose hand you're holding
On that postcard inside your desk drawer

We can walk by each other down the path
At first awkward smiles
Then averted eyes
And finally like strangers

Those songs will take on new meanings
The bedsheets new smells
The lips new names

I guess I'll carry the weight,
But I can no longer wait
For you
Or us

Who knew that scribbled notes
Could mean so much
And consolation
So little

Sorry, this is pretty bad
I'm also tired of feeling sorry
For me
Or us