Monday, June 28, 2010

are you the teacher of my heart?

hands so soft

write piercing into eternity

truths that can only be hinted at

how can beauty like yours flourish

amongst decay and debauchery

gardens in a sea of machinery?

yours is a canvas

delicately etched by life

i trace its trajectories to find

wisdom twinkling behind eyes

secrets behind a smile

through stone paved pathways

in midnight's crib

i await your familiar light

speak to me in your sea of eloquence!

speak to me in tongues!

or don't speak to me

and let me learn

Friday, June 11, 2010

in dreams

to where does my mind run,
at nine in the evening
with red eyes and red sun?

floating on breezes
it goes where i cannot.

head bobbing up and down
in agreement to sleep
i mumble words to call it back.

i can't chase something into time,
but still i call my horse until i am
and hope that it's not a mare.

i give one final bob
spilling my drink
i catch up in dreams.